The infrastructure of our airfield Aalen-Elchingen EDPA and our motivated organisation crew are the best prerequisites to make your competition a success.

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FAI Sailplane
Grandprix 2024
May, 26th  to June, 1st 2024

The FAI Sailplane Grand Prix is an
extraordinary sport that captures the essence of competition, strategy, and natural beauty. With its head-to-head racing format, SGP creates thrilling battles between skilled glider pilots, captivating participants and spectators alike. This sport combines strategic gameplay, where pilots must navigate the course efficiently and make tactical decisions, with breathtaking visuals of gliders soaring amidst stunning landscapes. SGP’s accessibility and technological innovations further enhance the experience, making it a truly captivating and attractive sport for all to enjoy.

About us

Our airfield is located in the East of the famous Swabian Alb. This landscape is almost flatland with some plateaus. For glider pilots, the quickly drying plateau of the Swabian Alb, in contrast to shady forests and valleys, is an optimal thermal area for extended flights from Czech Republic to the Blackforest and even further to the Swiss Jura.


Abschlussabend 01. Juni 2024

Abschlussabend 01. Juni 2024

Seid dabei, wenn der Luftsportring Aalen seinen ersten internationalen Segelflugwettbewerb ausrichtet und feiert mit uns am 01.06.2024 den Abschlussabend des Segelflug Grand Prix am Flugplatz Aalen ! Meldet euch bitte über das Anmeldeformular unten an, wenn ihr mit...

Pilots List SGP 2024 Germany finalized

The list of participants as well as the list with the ranking of the replacements have been finalized and can be viewed here on the SGP event page. There you will also find interesting information about the respective pilots.

The scale and diversity of the tasks to be accomplished is often not visible from the outside when everything is working efficiently, and in this respect, it can be said that this championship was a model of organisational efficiency.

Philippe Lata

Pilot of the French junior gliding team, German national junior Championship, 2023